About Me

My name is Sally; unfortunately I missed my opportunity with Prince Harry.

If you’re wondering, I’m still looking for my glasses and I’ve accepted that I’m most likely going to be searching for them the rest of my life. 🙂

I will always be found with a coffee in my hand and I’m without a doubt going to be a cat lady one day. I’m a countryside girl: horse riding, walks through muddy fields and the smell of manure all make me serenely peaceful however my heart also belongs to the buzz and blur of a city.

My ambition in life is to travel the world, inspire as many as I can, grab every opportunity to learn and work hard, laugh every day and strive for happiness.

Writing, reading, fashion, entertainment and music all leave me feeling exhilarated and eager to dive in head first. From as young as I can remember, reading would leave me breathless – most likely due to walking around the house attempting to complete tasks while being so attached to a story I couldn’t bare to put the book down for a second. I would take it with me everywhere. At the dinner table my mum would have to rip it from my hand and at bedtime I would hide under the duvet with a flashlight.

That addiction is still there, however now I see it in all areas of my life: films, TV series – frankly way too many, as Netflix likes to remind me – theatre, musicals, music, documentaries and most of all in my drive to write about everything around me that makes me feel emotion. Whether that be: anger, thrill, anticipation, confusion, joy, love, intrigue. I hope to share my life, thoughts and opinions among others on this blog, creating conversations and laughter.

Finally, I’ve decided my posts need a trademark and after pondering catchphrases for a while I had a light bulb moment. (Mini celebration!) My close friends about a year ago started a joke about me being a giraffe and since then it has a stuck. I have to confess I am pretty tall and love it so that is how every post I write will end.